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Baby Halle

"What if I fall?"
"Oh my darling, what if you fly?"

These words are a decoration piece in this sweet baby girl's nursery.

As is:

"Beautiful Girl, you can do hard things"

I've known baby Halle's parents, Sarah and Justin for a few years now and seeing them in this role was like a puzzle being completed. I'm sure they struggle, like most, with being first time parents, but my goodness they make it look easy. It's as though they've been waiting for her their whole lives and now that she's here, they're a complete, and perfect unit.

Not only is baby Halle the cutest little squish, the space her parents have created for her is filled with intention and encouragement. She is the luckiest baby girl to have these two leading the way for her in life.

So... beautiful baby Halle, you might just fall from time to time, but with parents like these, you can absolutely do hard things and there is no way you won't fly.