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The B Family

People often ask me what my favourite type of photography is. It’s an easy answer - families - specifically with children. While I love every other type of photography that I do, there’s nothing quite like photographing a family who is deeply in love. I’ve said this before but kids are the BEST to photograph. The unfortunate characteristics that we learn and adapt as adults such as insecurity and a lack of self assurance have not yet impeded these sweet little beings. They are thoroughly themselves - cute, sweet, loving, curious, adventurous and silly and they are NEVER afraid to express their emotions. We could all take a page or two out of the books of the tiny humans we know because they’ve got it figured out ;)

Well… I don’t have to tell anyone how adorable this family is or how much this little sweetheart crushed my heart, you can easily see for yourself by the excessive amount of photos I took of them below!

As always - thank you for reading <3