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Five Favourites - The G Family

JUST KIDDING IT’S ACTUALLY TEN BECAUSE I COULDN’T MAKE UP MY MIND. This is exactly what I was afraid of… Anyway, here are TEN favourites of four cuties at St. Patrick’s Island! I never get sick of capturing these cuddles, these tickles, these kisses, this love. There is nothing more beautifully pure or wonderful than the love a young family shares. I don’t know this from experience (and obviously so) since I’m just blowing past the fact that it’s incredibly challenging to raise young children. However, difficulties aside, children are amazing. They have a beautiful and innocent view of a world that isn’t so beautiful sometimes. They are sweet and adorable. They are energetic. They are honest. They are completely themselves. They do not hold back. They are our future.

I think part of why I love photographing young families so much is that for a brief amount of time, I get to be a child again myself! I run, I play, I make faces, I laugh. I forget my troubles. Why? Because these incredible children show me how.

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