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Five Favourites - Ralph

What?? Twice in one week? Maybe I’m actually getting used to this blogging business. My husband told me the other day that I should do a Five Favourites of our little floofy pupper Ralph. Because I am a bad dog mama and did NOT post anything about him on his 2nd birthday (which was on Monday), it only makes sense to do so now.

In the year and a couple of months that we have had Ralph, he has taught us so much. He has taught us how to unconditionally love, how to be patient, how to think about something other than ourselves. He has made us laugh uncontrollably, he has brought us closer, he has made us more active. He has brought us comfort, companionship, frustration, stinky-ness and a whole lot of hair. We are greeted daily by a little wiggle bum, which on a few occasions has been followed by an “OH CRAP RALPH WHAT DID YOU DO?”. He has given me a work buddy and a very best friend.

I could go on and on and on about my dog but let’s get to the important part - five of my favourite photos of Ralph (Ralphy) Johnston. You’re welcome ;)

Thanks for reading!