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Five Favourites - The S Family

We’re gonna’ start off this five favourites biz with five of my favourite photos from the last shoot I did for one of my FAVOURITE returning families! These guys have hired me for maternity, newborn and family photos on four different occasions. I get so excited every time I hear from them again because HI… look at how cute their kiddos are. I couldn’t stop talking about their first daughter’s hair to them during our very first shoot.

It’s funny.. I’m typically quite a shy person, but I find that when I’m taking photos of people for an hour, I become more and more amazed by their beauty and by specific features that they might not even particularly like. I’ll become fascinated with their eyes, their laugh, their beautiful curly red hair! This goes for kids and adults alike. Reading this back makes me sound a little bit creepy… but I promise I do not intend it that way. I think I’m just learning how to revel in the beauty and uniqueness of people and the love that these people share with one another!

I’ll get into that more one of these days I’m sure.. but in the meantime - five favourites of these adorable four!