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Five Favourites

Anyone else just awful at blogging? Anyone else just straight terrible with the internet sometimes? No seriously… I’d love to know that I’m not the only one. When I'm in a slower season, I find it so hard to generate interest in my work, even with all of these modern technological tools at my disposal. I suppose I just have a hard time “promoting” myself, or engaging an audience, because I’m afraid of bothering people and of course.. afraid of being criticized.

I always think I have to have something profound to share in order to blog. I rarely allow myself to think that HEY MAYBE I CAN ACTUALLY JUST SHARE - anything, everything, something. I’ve come up with an idea - a way to encourage myself to do two different things I don’t like to do: 1) blog often and 2) limit my content. As you would have gathered by now, I find blogging very difficult and intimidating so my approach is often to ignore it. When I do blog, or post on social media, I usually can’t pick my favourites. I end up posting so many photos because I can’t make up my mind. What do they say… “less is more”? Whether this is true or not, I think that limiting my choices and choosing quality over quantity might be a good challenge for me.

So.. from now on, I’ll be posting “Five Favourites” as often as I can (without overloading your feeds of course). Five Favourites will be simply this - five favourite photos and a little write up about something I’ve photographed, whether it be a family, an individual, my dog, a trip, an event, etc. When I think I have something “profound enough” to say on another topic or if I decide to share a larger blog post, I’ll still do that of course. This is just a way for me to share content more frequently because well… I have a lot to share. A lot of beautiful people and places have been in front of my lens and I’d like to show them to anyone who has the time.

Below you will find five of my favourite detail shots from our recent trip to Europe.

Thanks for reading <3